NYC Service is working with the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) to continuously recruit a group of New Yorkers who can be called upon in case of an emergency to help staff Evacuation Shelters. As seen with Hurricane Irene and Super Storm Sandy, one can never be too prepared. Although we never hope to activate the list, it’s imperative that we have a roster of trained volunteers who can act when necessary.

Coastal Storm Plan Volunteer Roles:

  1. Undergo or provide proof of having undergone a background check 
  2. Complete OEM Coastal Storm Plan Sheltering Online Training
  3. Report to an Evacuation Center during emergency activation for assignment
  4. Perform tasks relating to guiding people through the evacuation process, setting up the shelter, caring for shelterees, and managing supplies.

All interested volunteers must pass a background check and complete an online Coastal Storm Training course to become an EmergeNYC volunteer. To sign up as a Coastal Storm Plan volunteer, please fill out this survey with your most up-to-date contact information.


NYC Service is also working with the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) to recruit a group of volunteers to staff Commodity Distribution Points (CDP) in times of emergency. As seen with Super Storm Sandy, it is imperative to have a group of volunteers to deploy in times of need. Volunteers would help coordinate the distribution of essential items like food, water, and blankets to the community.

Commodity Distribution Point Volunteer Roles

  1. Distribution – work in the Commodity Distribution Area passing out food, water, and other commodities to the public.
  2. Flow Monitor – support the safe and efficient movement of the public through the site and disseminate accurate operational and distribution information to the public.
  3. Commodity Organization - assist with the organization of commodities in the Commodity Storage Area and Commodity Distribution Area.
  4. Inventory Tracking - assist with inspection, inventory, and recording of arriving supplies and equipment in the Commodity Off-Loading Area.
  5. Other tasks at CDP sites, as needed, at time of event.

Once volunteers complete a CDP training through OEM, they will be added to the Time-of-Event CDP Volunteer Contact List. To sign up as a Commodity Distribution Point EmergeNYC volunteer and receive the training, please fill out this  survey with your most up-to-date contact information. 

Thank you for your service! 


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