Caseworkers provide immediate emergency assistance to those affected by disaster through direct intervention and referrals to internal and external partners. Caseworkers work on intake, assessment, crisis intervention, advocacy, referral, and identification of various resources to expedite recovery.
Shore Soup Project
Volunteers needed on Mondays to assist our drivers to deliver soups to recipients that have signed up with our free meal delivery program in the Rockaways. With your help, Shore Soup will be able to bring food justice to the Rockaway Community!
Get trained to help vulnerable seniors in the aftermath of a disaster.
NYC Service
Coastal Storm Plan Volunteer (CSP): Volunteer in times of emergency at Hurricane Shelters. Commodity Distribution Point Volunteer (CDP): Volunteers at sites that serve food and water, other miscellaneous goods to citizens in need.
Franciscan Community Center
Volunteers needed for weekly Food Pantry & Sandwich Line.
Disaster Action Team (DAT) members ensure comprehensive emergency assistance is provided to those affected by everyday disasters within New York City. This is an entry-level trainee position.