The NYC VISTA Program supports NYC Government agencies to lift New Yorkers out of poverty by increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of each agency. VISTAs are capacity builders--they expand the ability of host sites to fight poverty by building infrastructure, expanding community partnerships, and securing long-term resources. 

We are currently recruiting for two VISTA members to join our program starting in late October 2019!

Read how to apply here.


Capacity building is working with staff and the communities to create, expand, or strengthen the systems and processes that help an organization carry out its anti-poverty work. These tasks and activities include the transfer of knowledge/skills, products, and relationships.

Direct service refers to activities that immediately address a client’s needs. For example, tutoring or providing a meal. VISTAs do not do direct service. 

For the 2019-2020 program year, 30 NYC VISTA members and 1 NYC VISTA Leader, will serve at New York City government agencies, primarily focused on the impact areas of economic opportunity and education, to address critical city issues related to poverty. NYC VISTA member activities include community awareness and engagement, financial resources, partnership expansion and development, outreach strategy development, volunteer engagement, program development and delivery, technology use, event planning and management, and performance measurement.

2019-2020 Term of Service: October 28, 2019-October 27, 2020

To Apply: Make sure to scroll down and review the benefits and requirements for the program. Submit an application to the AmeriCorps VISTA program (see the "How to Apply" link above). Then click the opportunity listings below to learn about each project. You'll be able to apply within each listing.

2019-2020 NYC VISTA Positions:

  • Department of Education (DOE): Student Voice: The Student Voice VISTA will support innovative change in the NYC Department of Ed, focused on and building the agency’s capacity to advance equity and support the alleviation of poverty (racial/cultural, socioeconomic, ability, gender/sexuality, home language, religion, housing status, etc.) through listening to students and supporting youth leadership. This year, the Student Voice VISTA will help launch programs, lead assessment, manage events, build resources, strategize outreach, and overall play a key, collaborative role in supporting the development of an impactful and sustainable student voice initiative.
  • Human Resources Administration (HRA): Office of Disability Affairs The ODA VISTA member will be supporting several exciting new projects spearheaded by our Office that work to support one of the most vulnerable populations of low income New Yorkers: people with disabilities. Support the Partnership for Inclusive Internships (PII), a new initiative in collaboration with AHRC (a nonprofit), that will be placing at least 30 people with disabilities in positions through the Agency. This initiative will work to address the high unemployment rate facing PWD (~77%) which results in many being in poverty and relying heavily on public benefits to survive. The goal is to increase people with disabilities’ work experience and their path to employment opportunities so that they can be self-sufficient and lead independent and fulfilling lives.

2019-2020 NYC VISTA Member Benefits

  • NYC VISTA Members: Living allowance of up to $20,640.75 (pre-tax) for 12 months of service
  • NYC VISTA Leader: Living allowance of up to $23,038.80 (pre-tax) for 12 months of service (Note: VISTA Leaders must have successfully completed one year of National Service.)
  • Unlimited Monthly MetroCard (valued at $1,524)
  • Choice of Segal AmeriCorps Education Award of $6,095 or end-of-service cash stipend of up to $1,800  ($3,000 for VISTA Leaders)
  • VISTA Virtual Member Orientation (VMO), On-Site Orientation and Training (OSOT), and ongoing professional development
  • Limited health care benefits, including routine dental care and limited vision services
  • $750 settling-in allowance, if relocating more than 50 miles
  • Loan Forbearance and deferment for qualified student loans during active service; interest paid on qualified loans if successfully completes program
  • Non-competitive eligibility for a federal government position, if qualified
  • Childcare assistance, if qualified, during active service

For specific information about VISTA benefits, visit the VISTA Campus.

2019-2020 NYC VISTA Requirements

What are the requirments to serve as a NYC VISTA member?

  • Must be U.S. Citizen, U.S. National, or Lawful Permanent Resident of the United States
  • Have successfully obtained a High School diploma or its equivalent prior to the start of the program
  • Agree to and pass a criminal background check
  • Ability to serve full time for the program term (generally M-F 9AM - 5PM)

*Note updated policy: As of May 3, 2015, VISTA Members and Leaders may hold legal part-time employment that is unrelated to their assigned project and that does not interfere with their service or service hours. To learn more, visit the VISTA Campus.

For Further Information:

Call (212) 788-3209 or email nycvista@cityhall.nyc.gov with any additional questions.