About This Strategic Program

NYC Service will create new volunteer outreach campaigns to engage skilled volunteers in Volunteer Impact Initiatives.

Civilian Emergency Response Corps


Governor Cuomo recentl​y announced the creation of a statewide collaborative initiative which aims to recruit “highly-skilled” volunteers to assist in ongoing disaster preparedness and response efforts through-out New York State.  This developed network of volunteers will respond to and help with recovery efforts in case of disaster.

As part of this initiative, NYC Service is joining other Regional Volunteer Centers from through-out New York State to recruit and engage individual volunteers and skilled professionals to use their time, talents and skills to help local communities  prepare for and/or recover from a potential disaster. 



More than a year after Hurricane Sandy devastated communities in New York City, Long Island, and the Mid-Hudson Region are still struggling to rebuild and recover from the storm. While much of the visible damage has been repaired, individuals and families still need assistance with rebuilding, complex legal issues and tax assistance.

NYC Service is seeking volunteers with the following professional skills to serve in Sandy affected areas:

  • Case Managment

  • Infastructure Recovery (Capenter; Commerical Transit; Electrician;Plumber)

  • Insurance

  • Law

  • Marketing

  • Tax prepartion and assistance

  • Language and Translation   


Register  here to join this network of highly skilled, experienced and committed volunteers in serving New York City and the State before and after disaster.