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Volunteer opportunity description

Calpulli Mexican Dance Company's performances have dynamic elements in dance and music that rely on technical support to make them possible. The organization seeks a volunteer who can contribute to specific performances from a Stage Management perspective to assist Music and Artistic Directors. The following responsibilities are envisioned for the role:

- Assistance with loading in and out of venues; being physically available to help move in/ out a large performing arts wardrobe 

- Assisting with th set up of props and costumes; placing in correct dressing rooms, ironing/ steaming, arming of props, preparing dressing rooms

- Assistance with spiking scenery and positioning props backstage; understanding flow of programs/ events for strategic placement of equipment communication with Calpulli and venue staff

- Assistance moving sound equipment and providing coordination support as needed during sound checks and lighting cues; intermediary/ messenger/ facilitator during technical preparations

- Assisting during performances as stage manager assuring a smooth backstage experience

- Assistant to Music and Artistic Directors documenting needs before, during, and after performances for continuous improvement


The following requirements are ideal for the volunteer in mind. If your qualifications are close or you have questions, please inquire:

- Proactive, eager, self-motivated individual looking to contribute to a growing performing arts organization

- Working knowledge of and prior experience with the technical elements related to stage performances including lighting, sound, and stage management

- Experience and appreciation of dance and its particular needs versus other performing arts

 - Excellent team communication skills

- Values punctuality

- Positive, friendly demeanor

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