Volunteer opportunity description

1. Learn firsthand about the steps involved in the writing of marketing materials.

2. Learn firsthand Japanese hand stitch sewing by helping the teacher.

3. A trainee will learn firsthand about in the creation of educational materials used in lesson plans, workshops, seminars, presentations, classes, manuals, and books.

4. Learn firsthand how to research, analyze, select, outline and write materials used in educational programs.

5. Learn firsthand how to hone their business and communication skills as they relate to their overall objectives.

6. Learn firsthand about the steps involved in the creation of multi-faceted Public Relations/Marketing Programs including objectives, framework, writing, scripts, materials, implementation, and management.

7. Learn firsthand how to edit video using a smartphone.

Some of the tasks work remotely.


Looking for volunteer / non-paid interns that want to learn and make a difference in the lives of others. Must have

(1) desire

(2) determination

(3) willingness to learn

(4) willingness to take action

Our volunteer needs

We need volunteers who are free at these times


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American Buddhist Study Center, Inc.

Hoshina Seki
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