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Do you want to learn how to express your talent on stage with confidence? The Actors Theatre Workshop invites you to be part of an immersive class, which will equip you with the required techniques to shine on stage and give complex, illuminating performances.

The Scott Acting Conservatory is a professional acting conservatory of the Actors Theatre Workshop, founded by award-winning actor, writer and director, Thurman E. Scott. In his conservatory, Mr. Scott teaches an original acting and writing technique to both professional actors and students beginning the journey of developing into theater artists. With this unique approach to the study of drama, Mr. Scott draws upon his vast professional history as an award-winning theater and film artist as well as his studies with the greatest teachers of American theater and the original findings of the great Russian theatrician and founder of the method form of acting, Constantin Stanislavski.

At the founding of The Actors Theatre Workshop, Inc., Mr. Scott's mentor and theater legend Stella Adler, with whom he studied with and shared a creative relationship spanning over 25 years stated, "Thurman E. Scott is the inheritor of the Stanislavsky legacy and of my legacy. His work advances acting technique for the next generation."

As a teacher, Mr. Scott creates a secure, safe environment that allows students to relax, develop a foundation of truth, make effective and powerful choices, express new ideas, and fulfill their creative potential. Mr. Scott expanded on his mentors’ legacy by developing new techniques to free the instrument, open up the imagination, express ideas, fulfill the demands of the play and liberate talent.

Mr. Scott will work with students on Technique I and II. He will teach exercises to free your imagination and emotions. These exercises will give you a newfound spontaneous life force which you will use to work on scenes and monologues with an emphasis on finding the action of the material through script analysis, and making powerful and illuminating choices.

In acting we say, “Within the choice lies the talent.” This means that our talent is revealed through making the best of the many choices that are available to us at that particular time of our development. As students who have studied here have often said, studying with Thurman E. Scott was the best choice they made.

The class will be held virtually on Monday evenings from 7:30 pm to 11:30 pm (This Is ongoing class offered in terms.)
Visit https://www.actorstheatreworkshop.com/scott-acting-conservatory/master-class-application/ to apply!

For a better understanding of Mr. Scott’s Acting Technique and to view video footage from inside our classes, visit: https://www.actorstheatreworkshop.com/scott-acting-conservatory/technique/ and https://www.actorstheatreworkshop.com/videos/


*Our physical theater location is temporarily closed until the coronavirus outbreak passes. Until then, this class will be held virtually over Zoom.

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