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LAAC members will play an important role in developing and implementing the CEC's poll site language assistance program. Volunteers with a passion and commitment to ensuring all New Yorkers are able to exercise the right to vote are strongly encouraged to apply!

If interested, please review LAAC member responsibilities below:

 1. Provide recommendations for the development and implementation of the poll site language assistance program which will provide in-person bilingual oral interpretation services for certain limited English proficient voters at elections held in New York City. Such recommendations may relate to:

a. Targeting discrete language communities across the City for interpretation services based on quantitative, demographic and qualitative information;

b. Planning operations and logistics of interpretation services;

c. Recruiting, retaining, and training of bilingual poll site interpreters;

d. Promoting the program through ethnic media and social media, or by other means, to reach LEP voters and their communities;

2. Assist the Civic Engagement Commission’s efforts to promote public education and awareness regarding the program;

3. Provide feedback on the program, which may include feedback on outreach materials, educational materials, interpreter training, and promotional and messaging strategies;

4. Participate in regular meetings at least quarterly;

5. Note: LAAC is an advisory body and its recommendations have no binding effect on the Commission or any City agency. (See Charter § 3202(a)(4)(b)).



Selection Criteria To the extent practicable, the Civic Engagement Commission will select members of LAAC based upon the following criteria. Candidates are not required to meet all the criteria.

1. A passion for civic participation and a commitment to ensuring all New Yorkers are able to exercise their right to vote.

2. Fluency in a language other than English, including but not limited to a designated citywide language, such as: Spanish, Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese), Russian, Haitian Creole, Korean, Bengali, Urdu, French, Polish, and Arabic.

3. Skills or expertise relevant to promoting the poll site language assistance program.

4. Expertise in language accessibility or experience working with limited English proficient individuals within the City.

5. Experience in community organizing, election administration, civic engagement, electoral campaigns, data analysis, and/or voter registration.

6. Availability to attend all Language Assistance Advisory Committee meetings

7. An ability to work in a group setting where diversity is valued and different perspectives are freely exchanged in a respectful manner.

8. Have no conflicts of interest that would infringe upon their ability to serve on the committee.

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