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Special Project Squad volunteers are ready, willing, and able to volunteer in a wide range of capacities across our programs when their schedule allows. Flexibility is key to how this volunteer role works!

Special Project Squad volunteers receive occasional emails from us (4-6 per month) asking for volunteer support for a variety of upcoming activities and needs including but not limited to:

  • delivering flowers for a special occasion
  • providing grocery shopping and delivery assistance for homebound clients
  • helping-out at the Park Slope Center for Successful Aging for specific events and projects
  • holiday projects & special initiatives
  • escorting older adults' to medical appointments
  • helping will small household tasks and/or technology help

How often you will hear from us is hard to predict since we are responding to the real-time needs of our clients and programs, but we try to give you a week or two notice and bundle a few requests together at a time whenever possible. Some weeks you may get as many three emails, some weeks you may not receive any, it all depends on the requests we get from the folks we work with and the projects we have going on. 

How often you volunteer is up to YOU! You only need to respond to our emails if you want to help-out with a request, we do NOT need to hear from you if you can’t help. We know you would if you could!


Training: There is an upcoming general volunteer training being held on Monday, July 11th, at 6 pm, via zoom. Please use the following link to register: 


Contact: Volunteer Program Director at 718 596-8789, ext. 335 or volunteer@heightsandhills.org for more information. Volunteer applications available at http://www.heightsandhills.org/volunteer/.

Thank you!


  • Must be 18 years or older or have written consent from parent/guardian
  • Flexible, mature, kind, compassionate and reliable
  • Able to communicate verbally and in writing
  • Ability to follow through on commitments
  • Willing to learn and follow organizational policies, confidentiality laws and volunteer guidelines
  • Willing to attend our New Volunteer Training
  • Willing to submit proof of COVID-19 vaccination

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