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The Friends of Rockaway: Sandy Rebuilding Foundation is a nonprofit organization whose program focuses on fixing homes in the Rockaways, Queens that were damaged by Hurricane Sandy. Volunteers will help with any number of tasks in rebuilding a family's home, including:

• Insulation

• Drywall Installation

• Taping, Mudding, Sanding

• Prime and Painting

• Sub-Flooring

• Yard cleanup

• Exterior Projects

If you have ANY construction expertise, please tell us in advance of your arrival! We can always use skilled laborers, and if we know ahead of time, we can put you on a rebuilding site where you can help the most. Most of the work on our rebuilding sites is completed by unskilled (or not yet skilled) volunteers; our site supervisors will provide the instruction you need. A work site is typically a home that was flooded and gutted, and, because it's structurally sound, can be rebuilt. You'll work under the supervision of an intensively trained AmeriCorps or Friends of Rockaway site supervisor who will train and supervise you. Our volunteer coordinators will put the optimal number of volunteers at each site for maximum work efficiency and safety. This could be as few as five and as many as 15 volunteers at a site. This means that your group may be split up!

You can volunteer for a day, a weekend, a week, or any time that is convenient for you (we love repeat volunteers!) Feel free to reach out to us if you have any interest in volunteering in the Rockways, or lending a hand to Sandy Relief through other means. Thank you!

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