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What if you could teach interested adults in an informal, non-competitive and intellectually stimulating environment? What would you want to teach if you had a classroom of interested adult learners? Several of our instructors have come up with surprising answers while others have stayed with the topics of their professional experience. 

Brooklyn Lifelong Learning (BLL), a non-profit lifelong learning organization at Brooklyn College is recruiting volunteer teachers for the coming semesters. You can teach older adults the topic of your choice for a semster-long course, 3-week course or one-time lecture.  We invite all those with a passion to share their knowledge to participate.

The Benefits of Volunteering

 The prime benefit to teaching on a volunteer basis, as we have heard from past instructors, is that BLL members will be in your class because of their sheer love of learning – not because they need to take it as part of curriculum. Teaching an older group has its own unique satisfactions. These groups are often more inquisitive and involved than younger students and they bring their own life experiences with them which often serves to stimulate discussions even further.


Lilia Melani of the Brooklyn College English Department describes it this way, “Why teach a BLL class? Because the students want to be there, they come to class prepared and eager to participate, they are highly intelligent, and they love ideas and learning. The classes are exciting and energizing for both students and instructor. I have never enjoyed teaching more, and there are no papers to grade! What more could a teacher ask for?”



There are no educational prerequisites either for the students or the instructors.

No prior teaching experience is necessary. 

Classes are limited by  the availability of classroom space.

 All classes are held on the Brooklyn College campus during the fall and spring semesters, Mondays through Fridays between 9 am and 3 pm.

Our volunteer needs

We need volunteers who are free at these times


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