Description & History

LSA has developed a range of services in five basic program areas: 1) The Certified Home Health Agency provides skilled nursing, physical therapy, aide services, social work and pastoral care in the home.

2) The Community Life Program offers classes and group activities aimed at socialization, education, recreation, and employment. In addition to tutoring and ESL classes, there are parent education groups, a support group for grandparents raising grandchildren and a gardening group.

Our thrift store, the Sharing Place, has become a resource for the whole community as a place to buy low-cost, high quality items.

3) The Family Support Program works closely with parents/caregivers in severely stressed families whose children are at risk for abuse or neglect, so that family unity is not disrupted and children are spared the trauma of foster care placement.

4) The Early Childhood Program is designed from birth to age three.

It has three components: Home-Based Child Development, the Toddler Nursery and the Early Intervention Program.

Healthy child development is the focus of this program, and includes parental support and counseling.

5) The Advocacy Program helps families gain access to services to which they are entitled and brings the needs of poor families to the attention of public officials.

Our Emergency Food Pantry provides emergency food packages to families who have exhausted all other resources, and especially for pregnant women and new mothers whose nutritional needs are most acute.

About the organization

Little Sisters of the Assumption Family Health Service

Trish Gough
Volunteer Director
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