Description & History

Free Arts NYC programs inspire children to re-imagine their worlds and transform their lives throughout the creative arts.

With the help of dedicated and caring volunteer mentors, Free Arts NYC delivers creative arts programs directly to low income, homeless, abused and neglected children.

We partner with group homes, shelters, schools and community centers to give children the opportunity to express themselves in a supportive environment in order to develop communication and trust. Our programs and the relationships they foster help children and families experience new levels of hope and creativity.

Free Arts NYC volunteers and facilitators give all of the children and families we work with a high level of personal attention. Our volunteer to child ratio is often 1:1 and, at most, 1:3. We are able to reach these ratios without exorbitant expense because of our unique volunteer model.

Since 1998, founding Director Liz Hopfan has taken the nonprofit from a budget of $100,000 to over $2,000,000. Free Arts NYC volunteers have now served over 30,000 children and families.

Other affiliates operate in Phoenix, Arizona and Minneapolis, Minnesota.

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Free Arts NYC

Stephanie Barreto-Lastra
Volunteer Manager
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