Description & History

The Community Connections TimeBank is a community benefit program sponsored by the Visiting Nurse Service of New York (VNSNY), the largest nonprofit home care agency in the nation. VNSNY launched its first TimeBank hub in December 2006, centered in Washington Heights.

Since then, the TimeBank has expanded into three more hubs-- the Lower East Side, Sunset Park Brooklyn, and Bay Ridge Brooklyn.

The TimeBank is very flexible-- TimeBank members give what they can, when they can. For every hour contributed, members earn a time credit which they can redeem for services for themselves.

The TimeBank has over 1,700 members, ages 6-97, exchanging a wide variety of non-licensed services-- everything from cooking, language translation, escort to the doctor, minor home repair, and computer lessons, to name a few. Many community leaders have embraced the TimeBank and have signed on as partners. It now has over 70 organizational affiliates.

Currently, 67% of TimeBank service exchanges have crossed age ranges, 86% have crossed income groups, and, most shockingly, 67% have crossed ethnic backgrounds.

In addition to the wide array of services members can exchange, there are over 200 local, regional and online businesses providing discounts to TimeBank members. So members are saving money at the local pharmacies, groceries, restaurants and clothing stores.

About the organization

Community Connections TimeBank

Omayra Torres
TimeBank Supervisor
(212) 609-4987
Zoila Rojas
TimeBank Associate
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