Description & History

The objectives of the Association are to: Provide support through education and sharing information and experiences related to peripheral neuropathy.

Enhance physician awareness through education to help identify, evaluate and treat peripheral neuropathy.

Increase public awareness of the nature and extent of peripheral neuropathy and the need for early intervention and research.

Encourage pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies to develop new therapies and devices for treatment of neuropathy.

Encourage government support for research into the causes and treatments of neuropathy, and the need for special accommodations and facilities for people with neuropathy.

Encourage medical providers, including hospitals, HMOs and insurance companies, to provide coverage, proper care and treatment.

Directly support research into the cases and treatment of peripheral neuropathies.

Participate in national and international awareness, research and information exchange.

About the organization

The Neuropathy Association.

Paul Guidos
Director Of Finance & Administration
(212) 692-0664
Natacha Pires
Medical Affairs Officer
(212) 692-0665
Tina Tockarshewsky
Executive Director
(212) 692-0380