Description & History

Over 250 girls participate each week in more than 35 Groove With Me dance classes. Groove With Me, Inc. has five (5) major programs.

Registration is mandatory to participate in each program.

Organization requirements teach girls responsibility to themselves and to others.

Participants must be present 85% of the time in order to dance in performances.

All 5 programs provide one hour of dance class each week with performances occurring throughout the year.

The major programs include: Wee Dance (Ages 4, 5, 6), Girls Groove (Ages 7-12), Teen Rock Out (Ages 13-18), and Summer Grooves (Ages 4-18)

About the organization

Groove With Me, Inc.

Angelique Agudo
Program Director
(212) 987-5910
Abby L McCreath
Executive Director
Organization’s website: