Description & History

DOROT is a nonprofit organization whose goal is to alleviate social isolation and provide concrete services to older adults. For more than four decades, DOROT has been an innovative leader in the fields of aging services and volunteerism. DOROT’s varied programs, as well as our focus on providing intergenerational connections to seniors, has ensured that DOROT’s clients have access to the resources they need to age with dignity, independence, and grace.

DOROT was founded in 1976 by a group of Columbia University graduate students and alumni who were concerned about the plight of the homebound elderly “hidden” in apartment buildings on the Upper West Side. They banded together to locate and visit these frail, isolated men and women, delivering food and spending time in conversation. These young adults forged a loving bond between the generations, which is reflected in the name they chose: DOROT, the Hebrew word for “generations.” DOROT has grown over the years. Our programs now serve a diverse group of older adults on the East and West Sides of Manhattan and in Westchester.

Volunteers are vital to DOROT’s ability to deliver services, and there are opportunities for volunteers of all ages. DOROT volunteers visit clients to provide companionship, on a one-time or regular basis, participate in on-site programs with older adults, teach classes, and help in DOROT’s offices. DOROT also offers high school and college internship programs.

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