Description & History

“Latino Youth for Higher Education Program (L.Y.H.E.P) is composed of Latino as well as other minority college students & professionals with an interest in improving the quality of education for low income students, especially those of Latino origin and new to the country. This organization focuses on helping to promote college awareness and success to minority students. This goal is achieved through the creation of workshops, tutoring, mentorship programs, college related activities, lesson plans and supporting undocumented Latino minorities with scholarships & fundraisers in order to assist in the closing the achievement gap across the nation” Passion, dedication and understanding are the three main forces driving LYHEP volunteers. Each of us share similar, if not the same, experiences and struggles that communities face today. We put our hearts and souls into the program and we are passionate about our work with the community. Our determination as mentors and guiders with our students is endless; making sure they know and understand that college is a reality and a possibility. We are dedicated to our cause and provide the necessary tools for students and parents. We can understand and sympathize with the parents and students and want to supply them with the resources and guidance we didn’t have, or couldn’t find. LYHEP provides information and resources, but most importantly provides support for students in order to help them achieve their goals and reach higher education. With patience and support, the road to college becomes an easier one to travel.

About the organization

Latino Youth for Higher Education Program

Yolanis Barros
Director LYHEProgram at Queens