Description & History

We are a dynamic and diverse group of volunteers or “Friendly Visitors” who visit home-bound individuals each week. Every member of our team is willing and eager to share their time with someone who is older, wiser, and has had a lifetime of experience. Our visitors come from all ages and are available to provide companionship, reading assistance (reading mail or a favorite news / magazine article), light grocery shopping, support and more. Our weekly visits make a world of a difference to home-bound individuals that are alone and isolated. Our variety of services helps to bring some positive feelings to many people whom are home-bound. The visits allow them to maintain important social contact that, because of their home-bound situation is often neglected, and helps to integrate them more effectively into their local communities. Friendly Visiting takes pride in our individualized approach to serving the home-bound elderly. Whether you are inquiring for a loved one, neighbor, client or yourself, we will listen to your needs and recommend a program that suits the need of the individual.

About the organization

Friendly Visiting at the JCCGCI

Kari Sadeh
Executive Director
718-449-5000 ext: 2212
Tzivi Lieberman
Program Assistant
718-449-5000 ext: 2205
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