Description & History

An adult education system that serves more people with greater results: ~offers more classes with more hours of instruction; features programs with different areas of expertise and helps learners find the right program for their needs and strengths; ~involves learners and alumni in meaningful ways to strengthen programs; ~uses television and the internet for learning opportunities outside the classroom; ~prepares adult learners for college education and job training opportunities; ~broadens civic participation, improves health of families, ~enhances the competitiveness of the City’s workforce, ~improves community reentry of formerly-incarcerated persons, and expands economic opportunity for low-income individuals and families. An adult education system that uses best educational practices: ~emphasizes intensity and quality of instruction; ~supports well-trained full-time teachers, volunteer tutors, counselors, and support staff ~strengthens communities of practice and expands professional development opportunities; ~funds programs and holds them accountable in ways that continually improve outcomes; ~works with government agencies, community-based organizations, and other partners. An adult education system that helps learners reach their goals: ~reflects a wide variety of interests, cultures, and educational needs; ~incorporates curricula and instructional practices that help adult learners be more effective members of families, communities, and the workforce; ~helps learners continue education and training after completing a level of instruction; ~promotes life-long independent learning.

About the organization

Mayor's Office of Adult Education

Tara Colton
Executive Director
212 788 9561
Marlee Ickowicz
Project Coordinator
212 442 9189
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