Description & History

The Harlem Independent Living Center promotes independence according to the tenets of the Independent Living Philosophy.

The Center provides services to all individuals who have a physical or mental disability, regardless of age, race and religious affiliation on an as-needed basis.

Services are also provided to the family and friends of people with disabilities.

While the majority of the Center's clients come from the Harlem community, consumers from other boroughs also utilize the Center's services periodically.

Consumer control and a peer approach to providing services are the underlying concepts basic to any understanding of independent living services, where consumers are encouraged to determine their own destinies and set their criteria for goals and success.

Our staff are staunch disability advocates, operating on behalf of all disabled persons demanding equality, accessibility and accommodations.

Independent Living services the Center provides are as Advocacy: Housing and Benefit Advisement & Application Assistance, Assistive Device Training, Peer Counseling Support Groups, Deafness Services, Outreach,Information & Referral and Community, Advocacy for Systemic Change.

About the organization

Harlem Independent Living Center

Christina Curry
Executive Director
(212) 222-7197 TTY
Yonette Douglas
Associate Director
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