Description & History

Youth at Risk, a is a not-for-profit organization that transforms the chaotic lives of young people. We take young people from resignation to possibility. We provide vigorous intervention to young people from disadvantaged communities in the NY Metropolitan area.

We provide technical assistance, specialized programs and consulting in communities locally, nationally and globally. We collaborate with organizations that have a commitment to the at-risk youth population but lack the services. In conjunction with the programs, we partner young people with role models and mentors. Youth at Risk helps young people find the keys to unlock their futures. Our programs leverage their effectiveness.

Since 1989, Youth at Risk has developed an array of intervention programs that have had a lasting impact on the at-risk youth, their families and the professionals who participate in them.

Youth at Risk creates customized education programs designed to intervene in and prevent the anti-productive behavior of youth and to support them in creating sustainable, positive and goal-directed lifestyles.

Through a program of persistent and compassionate mentoring, we create an environment for personal development. The populations we serve are youth and young adults, their families and the institutions and professionals that serve them.

We work largely with populations at high risk for violence, incarceration, substance abuse, adolescent pregnancy/parenthood and poor academic performance.

We also tailor customized programs to meet the needs and requests for particular outcomes in varying youth education settings.

These include programs in Shelters, Hospitals/Community Clinics and Schools.

Our models are used in Satellite programs in 11 cities nationwide and Puerto Rico.

About the organization

Youth At Risk

Danielle Skeen
Volunteer Coordinator
(212) 791-4927 ext: 222