Description & History

  St. Nicks Alliance is a nonsectarian community development corporation founded in 1975 dedicated to keeping Northern Brooklyn sustainable for low-to moderate-income people by providing catalytic services and programs to over 9,000 residents in five strategic areas – youth and education, housing, home care, workforce and economic development. 

         Established in 1994, the Division of Youth & Education serves 2,500 youth and family members annually with a mission to enable young people to become lifelong learners and thrive as adults. All programs are grounded in well-established youth development principles and as such are characterized by trusting, caring relationships with peers and adults; youth engagement and input; and a sense of belonging and community.
         Our long term vision is a community of lifelong learners who create trusting relationships with one another and participate in holistic programs at a “home” space in the Greenpoint Beacon Community Center. We strive for our youth to try new things, make friends, learn new skills, find inspiration, and grow into the next generation of leaders. When our youth nurture a love for learning, they will thrive in school, college, work, and beyond. We envision a community where members come together to strengthen relationships, share resources, address community issues, and create opportunities for personal and community growth. The Greenpoint Beacon program facilitates the activities, but it is the community that creates the vision.

About the organization

Greenpoint Beacon Center

Desiree Barmore Smith
Executive Director
Nayeisha Lacewell
Middle School Coordinator
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