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The Ravenswood II "I Have a Dream" Program provides services for youth living in the Ravenswood Houses in Long Island City, Queens. These services include tutoring, mentoring, arts, drama, athletics, field trips to various social and cultural landmarks, etc. Utilizing after-school and summer programing, the "I Have a Dream" Foundation will continue to offer support to this group of over 50 students throughout middle school, high school, and college.

The "I Have a Dream" program was created in 1981, when philanthropist Eugene Lang made an impromptu offer to class of graduating sixth graders at P.S. 121 in East Harlem. He told this class that any member who successfully completed high school and enrolled in college, would be assured of having the financial resources to pursue his or her education. Local "I Have a Dream" projects across the United States sponsor entire grades from public elementary schools, or corresponding age-groups from public housing developments. The "Dreamers" are then provided with a year-round program of academic, social and recreational activities throughout their elementary, middle school and high school years.

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"I Have a Dream" Foundation - NY: Ravenswood Program

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