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Our Mission
Founded in 2011, Harlem Grown’s mission is to inspire youth to live healthy and ambitious lives through mentorship and hands-on education in urban farming, sustainability, and nutrition. We serve at-risk, New York City youth living in communities with high poverty rates and high unemployment rates.
Sustainable Urban Agriculture
Harlem Grown transforms vacant spaces into productive urban farms and greenhouses, using responsible agricultural methods to grow a variety of crops. Our produce is distributed to youth and community members, sold to local restaurants, and used in
educational activities that promote healthy eating and nutrition. We use the farms as classrooms and as venues to cultivate a connection to the environment and food among youth. In addition, our farms help to transform the surrounding community by providing green havens to neighbors, and an opportunity to witness and engage in local food production. Each year, our urban agricultural sites divert 8,500 lbs of food scraps from the waste stream into our community and commercial compost systems, produce 2,000 lbs of produce for distribution to the community each year, engage hundreds of
children and adults in volunteer opportunities, and provide a seasonal series of wellness workshops and free farm events to inspire all ages.
Youth Services
Harlem Grown places mentors in select partner schools to implement sustainable practices such as recycling and composting and to nurture healthy choices among students. Our mentors create youth Green Teams to spread environmental awareness and teach fellow students about caring for the environment as well as for themselves. This consistent presence fosters a bond that enables our mentors to teach students personal responsibility and self-development, which leads to improved overall wellness and health in schools. In addition to these intensive school partnerships, Harlem Grown offers free farm tours and workshops to dozens of schools and youth serving programs throughout NYC, provides an intensive 7-week summer camp to 30 youth, facilitates a Saturday Leadership program for 20 youth, and partners with local organizations to provide a workforce development program for at-risk emerging adults.


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