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We currently offer the following services: In School Youth Education and Employment Program Summer Youth Employment Program Young Adult Internship Program (SEEK) Computer Training After school Labor Related Training Homework Help Job Readiness Workshops/Resume Writing Educational and Entertaining Field Trips Social Services Referrals Career Counseling Public Notary Service The I.S.Y program is an academic enrichment program designed to help our participants graduate, go on to higher education, and find a job.

We accomplish this goal through classroom instruction, a personalized program of agency support services, and through providing participants summer jobs.

Through our classes in SAT prep in math and reading, our math and reading tutoring sessions, our College Prep and Job Readiness classes, and through College Tours we step in to fill in the gap in services experienced by young adults in underserved communities,and to provide positive, involved, committed adults to help educate, guide and inspire our participants.

Through field trips and internship and employment opportunities we provide youth with real world experiences to increase cultural and social sophistication, polish, self-esteem, and leadership skills.

Additionally, our program teaches high level critical thinking skills, improves communication and public speaking skills, encourages kindness, builds friendships, and teaches nonviolent problem solving techniques.

About the organization

Italian American League

Rebecca Davidge
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Dorian Nicoletti
Program Director
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