Description & History

Manhattanville Community Center has an After School Program for kids ages 6-12 years old, a Pre-teen program for ages 13-14 years old, a teen night program for ages 13-19 years old, and an adult program which we provide educational workshops at night. All programs are free of charge. We offer Summer Camp Program and Night Center in the summer. We also have a program for Fathers who are in need for Assistants. We have been well known for our Partners In Reading Program that have been existing at my site for ten years. This program is run by the Board of Education Teachers. The program assist the children in grade 1-3. We have several children who enjoy the program. This program is very successful; it helped imporved their reading skills.

Manhattanville is known for serving children and youths with special needs. We never single out or exclude any child/children from participating in any program we offer. Our program was able to continue to serve the community by providing programs and services that enrich the lives of our residents. we don't focus on the child's diagnoses; we focus more on what their interest are and how we could fulfill it by building a successful program for them. The staff at Manhattanville is more"Hands-On". our job is complete when we are able to help any child/children in need.

About the organization

Manhattanville Community Center

Doreen Davis
Community Coordinator