Description & History

Through our six to nine month male residential drug-free resocialization unit, Striver House, and our outpatient and outreach services, we continue to make positive change in the lives of individuals and the community.

Striver House operates a 9-12 month cycle from a holistic, drug free, cultural enrichment model. The healthiest of foods are served, complimented with Tai Chi to provide a holistic approach to recovery. We apply natural law to the residence so as to promote order, balance and harmony, thus, creating a special, holistic environment conducive to healing, change, growth and development.

Phase Piggy Back's Outreach program, Project Helping Hands operates a mobile, three member outreach team that engages the homeless at encampments; conducts assessments and screening and then links those individuals with agencies that provide appropriate services; provides transportation for component participants; facilitates presentations at hospitals, churches, institutions and community based organizations that entail community service information regarding housing, food pantries, detoxification, medical and mental health, addiction services, community education and advocacy.

The Adult Resocialization Unit (1035ARU) is an medically supervised unit of Phase: Piggy Back, Inc. ARU?s targeted population is African American/Latino-American, males and females, 18 years and older who reside in the five boroughs and are currently abusing any mind altering substance (including methadone and alcohol).

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Phase Piggy Back, Inc.

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