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Legal Information for Families Today (LIFT) is a pioneer and leader in promoting access to justice for fragile families involved in the New York City Family Court system.  

Given that the vast majority of Family Court litigants are neither able to afford a lawyer nor legally entitled to legal representation, LIFT empowers litigants by providing them with the tools they need to advocate for themselves in Family Court. To do so, we operate innovative, award-winning programs inside the Courthouses and in the community, all of which share the goal of advancing positive outcomes for families as they attempt to address matters fundamental to the well-being of children, such as custody, visitation, and child support.

In our 20-year history, LIFT has evolved from a single table in the Manhattan Family Courthouse to an essential, multi-faceted city and statewide source of information and support for Court-involved families. Through partnerships with the Family Courts, public officials, and a growing network of community-based organizations, LIFT is expanding the breadth and depth of our services, and giving a voice to New York’s families by working to improve the Courts.
LIFT serves nearly 30,000 families annually. Learn more about our programs at

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LIFT - Legal Information For Families Today

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Chief Development & External Affairs Officer
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