Description & History

St. Margaret's House is a non-profit organization operating under the US Department of Housing and Urban Development section 202/8 program. The 202/8 program provides housing to low-income elderly and disabled persons. There are 249 apartments at SMH, housing approximately 300 people. SMH does not offer any medical or social services; however it does provide some programs and classes for the residents' use and enjoyment. The Resident Council oversees the management of the Thrift Shop. Demographically, the residents are predominately Asian/Chinese. Volunteers who are fluent in mandarin/cantonese are always especially welcome. Most of the customers in the thrift shop come from the general public, so English is the primary language there.

About the organization

St. Margaret's House Resident Council Thrift Shop

Loren Silber
Program Manager
(212) 766-8122
Claire Guerette
Program Coordinator
(212) 766-1507