Description & History

SBNC is a critical anchor for low-income residents of the Upper West Side.

We are a small, grassroots, social service and youth organization that provides counseling, makes referrals, and serves as an advocate for low-income families on a walk-in basis; therefore, every household that we help to sustain and improve through any of our services is a marked accomplishment.

Our programs are integrated and unified to insure we can address household problems holistically.

Our main programs are: Housing Counseling and Eviction Prevention Program Strycker's Bay is one of only four Housing Counseling Agencies certified by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development in Manhattan. Certification by HUD allows us to access federal funds to support our counseling program. We are also funded by New York State and the City of New York to deliver counseling and direct assistance to families facing eviction and/or who occupy apartments with unsafe living conditions.

Through this program:

1. We counsel low-income people facing the possibility of losing their homes due to eviction. We help them navigate the legal and social service systems to insure they keep their apartments.

2. We help families to apply for and secure affordable housing.

3. We help obtain one-time emergency grants for rent and/or utilities through organizations such as The Bridge Fund, Catholic Charities and Coalition for the Homeless.

4. We educate tenants and advocate on their behalf to get landlords to make much-needed repairs and improvements.

In this way, tenants are not forced to vacate their apartments because of unlivable situations.

Entitlements and Benefits Counseling Program We also assist over 150 families per year with obtaining entitlements and benefits, which include public assistance, food stamps, Medicaid, and unemployment insurance.

Our staff often finds that many working families who struggle to make ends meet are unaware that they are eligible for food stamps and/or Medicaid, two programs that greatly reduce the financial burden of many low-income families and help them meet important needs.

LACASA Youth Program -- Learning Action Center for Academic Success and Achievement Strycker's Bay Neighborhood Council's youth development program, LACASA (Learning Action Center for Academic Success and Achievement), works with children between the ages of 5 - 21 from all academic and social backgrounds.

Our goal is to motivate children to achieve their academic and social potential by showing them how to become independent and enthusiastic learners and thinkers.

Through the long-term relationships that youth participants develop with LACASA staff, volunteers, and with fellow participants, LACASA students strengthen their interpersonal skills, confidence, and self-awareness.

These are all essential components to becoming independent learners and thinkers who are self-motivated to reach their potential throughout high school, college, and even into the work force. Our program serves more than 200 young people annually through our after school literacy program, summer camp, counseling and on the job training opportunities.


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Strycker's Bay Neighborhood Council, Inc.

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Executive Director
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Program Director
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Youth Program Coordinator
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