Description & History

RICH a collaboration of individuals, families and institutions focusing on building character and leadership skills of urban youth by engaging them in self-directed activities supported by communications technology. RICH intervention strategies train youth to develop new attitudes about their ability to monitor their behavior, set realistic social and academic goals, and strive for school success. RICH creates a learning environment where each student is encouraged to take responsibility for their school success. Students learn the language of school success through classroom workshops and by using technology to express their new literacy skills.

In 1981 RICH started out as a community-based organization and incorporated in 1991, exemption granted pursuant to section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code.

RICH believes that by introducing students to "constructive language skills" by caring adults, public school students discover the importance how to take ownership for their school success from role models. All students are guided in the RICH 4 Guiding Principles; (1) students learn that they matter, (2) students learn to be responsible for their behavior, (3) students learn to be concerned for others, and (4) students learn to become self-directed learners using thinking strategies for school success.

RICH provides program services to students in grades 4 through 9 and students are encouraged to remain as peer leaders from 10th grade through college.

Program design offers the following strategies: peer leadership training, writing across the curriculum reinforcing the exploration of critical thinking, active learning, and informative writing.

RICH also offers web-based learning and support. RICH actively engages collaborative partners to prepare urban youth for school success and the new world of work.

About the organization

Reach Into Cultural Heights, Inc. (RICH)

Dr. Jacqueline Dawson
(718) 570-0574