Description & History

FUREE is an award-winning organization that was founded in 2001 as a welfare rights organization by 15 women living on public assistance and, in the past few years, we have connected welfare rights to a broader struggle to create economic opportunity and eliminate poverty. Today, we have grown into an organization with over 500 families that have engaged in campaigns that won changes benefiting low income and working families as well as small businesses in Brooklyn and throughout NYC.

Low-income and working families engage in leadership development activities that combine political education, policy analysis, community outreach and organizational relationship-building locally, regionally and nationally.

This year, our hands-on leadership development work will focus on the following issue areas: - affordable housing - affordable, healthy food - small businesses - engagement of infrequent voters - youth issues (education, safety, employment) - recreational space for youth and families - other areas as determined by our members throughout the year.

About the organization

Families United For Racial & Economic Equality (FUREE)

Valery Jean
Development Director
(718) 852-2960
Ana Melendez
Administrative Director
(718) 852-2960