Description & History

Our mission is to foster a greater sense of community and patriotism among individual residents and their families, while facilitating a healthier and more productive environment for greater metropolitan New York and The United States of America.

Both our mission and vision should be viewed in the larger context of President Obama?s message that in order to revive the American economy and improve our standing in the world, we must begin with the core of our productivity: the American worker.

Essentially, we must waste no time in coming together at the community level to ensure that opportunities for personal development and professional achievement are not squandered. We at New Land Community Center look forward to integrating a timely and effective response to the needs assessed in our community with valid and measurable results.

As proposed, our center will be open 7 days a week, 10am-6pm. We intend to offer a range of programs and services, including: Education: - ESL classes across a range of topics and themes. - Health classes in chronic disease prevention and intervention (i.e., weight management, smoking cessation, alcoholism) - Health classes on HIV & AIDS (incidence, treatment, prevention & risk reduction) - Health classes on personal hygiene & infectious disease Employment: - Job market assessment, vocational preparation and requirements, resumes and cover letters, and a range of job seeker resources.

Our organization was started in 1988 as a strictly volunteer organization and became incorporated in 1992 as a non profit 501(C)3.

About the organization

New Land Community Center

Colin Gilman
Program Director
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Tran Nguyet
Executive Director
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Charles Ober
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