Description & History

Win-Win is a pilot initiative that empowers young adults to be the drivers of sustainable change in their communities while gaining the real world skills necessary to obtain green jobs in the new economy. Through training, mentoring and field work, participating interns become Community Energy Consultants (CECs) who provide free Energy Efficiency Assessments and incentive qualification guidance for small businesses and other institutions in their neighborhoods.

Implementation of this service:
* Reduces NYC's CO2/Greenhouse Gas emissions
* Renders affordable, measurable economic development aid for small business owners through reduced operating costs & "green" marketing outreach
* Provides job placement opportunities for interns graduating with field experience that will build an NYC workforce conversant in professional energy efficiency practices
* Aids in marketing of local and state energy efficiency incentives for small business owners The Win-Win Campaign is a program of the non-profit, powered by

Since 2007, Envirolution has built high school and college level grassroots programs on both coasts from its NYC-based office on Manhattan's Lower East Side. The focus is on activating "the next generation of sustainability." New York's programming is concentrated around intern-conducted, free Energy Efficiency Assessments and free project management of incentive implementation provided for local small business owners.

The Green Collar Jobs training is provided to interns ages 16-26 from diverse NYC communities. It is offered in the form of an initial, weekend long "Boot Camp" followed by in-class lectures from clean energy and sustainability professionals, mentored field training, weekly coursework and professional use of a proprietary online Resource Management System software co-developed with for ongoing interaction with the small businesses who obtain efficiency assessments with Win-Win.

About the organization

Envirolution's Win-Win Campaign

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