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NY WasteMatch keeps valuable resources out of the waste stream while offering clients an opportunity to save money and lower their environmental impact. Our clients include New York City businesses, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. Clients that donate or sell materials with NY WasteMatch, can: •Reduce waste disposal costs •Generate revenue by finding markets for your surplus materials •Receive tax deductions, and support nonprofits through in-kind support •Comply with local recycling laws •Enhance the environmental image of your company Clients that obtain free/low-cost materials from NY WasteMatch, can: •Lower purchase costs •Connect with potential supporters •Reduce environmental impact Used and surplus materials handled by NY WasteMatch include: •Building Materials •Computers, Electronics, Office Equipment •Containers & Packaging •Furniture •Medical Equipment & Supplies •Metals, Glass, Plastics •Office Supplies & Art Supplies •Paper & Cardboard •Surplus Food •Textiles, Fabric & Leather

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NY WasteMatch

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Program Administrator
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