Description & History

SFJ is a human rights advocacy group. SFJ believes in Universal Declaration of Human Rights and endeavors to create an environment in which minorities - regardless of race, religion, language, gender, or ethnicity – can freely exercise their right to “self determination” as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and United Nations Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. SFJ has successfully advocated, through legal political and judicial means, for recognition at international level of November 1984 anti Sikh violence as Genocide in which more than 30,000 Sikhs were targetted and killed throughout India.

 Since 2014, SFJ is working on holding first evwr non-governmental referendum on the question of secession of Punjab from India in which Sikhs around the globe and indigenous people of all faiths living in Punjab will be given an opportunity to vote on Punjab's future association with India. The voting in non governmental referendum will begin on August 15th from London, UK and will be monitored and tabulated by “Punjab Referendum Commission” - a panel of non-aligned experts on direct democracy and secession.

About the organization

Sikhs for Justice

Gurpatwant S. Pannun
Executive Director
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