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Our mission is to rehabilitate people suffering from the consequences of Substance Use Disorders, focusing on their physical, mental and spiritual aspects by contributing to the individual’s social and family reintegration in a dignified and efficient way. Our Vision is to become a model program that continuously improves the recovery of drug addicts and establishes self-sufficient communitarian centers in areas of need. Our Recovery Programs provides members with housing, food and clothing for a 3-month period while they attend in-house 12 step meetings, workshops/lecture series and provided with a strong foundation for their recovery based on the principles of A.A.’s 12 Step self help Program. The services are free of charge to the individual and his or her family and are given in Spanish and English. After completion of Phase I clients are offered the opportunity to begin Phase II of the program in which the client is offered a halfway house where they are allowed to begin working in the community, join our silkscreen printing workshops, pursue their educational interests or join our Leadership Development Program, all while they live and attend meetings in the program. Upon completion of Phase II clients are ready to return to their families or find housing on their own thus completing the reintegration of the client into the community. Our Outreach Program reaches more than 60 communities of high drug incidence and poverty, providing information and offering our services, as well as the transmittal of information via newspapers, local radios, program brochures and flyers. We have weekly speaking engagements with various faith based centers and churches from the five boroughs of New York City and all urban counties of South Florida, reaching more than 80 Churches and their congregations.

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Corona Self help Center Inc.

Miguel Montiel
Executive Director
Richard Strand
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