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Many Asian youth in New York City come from struggling immigrant families. Their parents often work seven days a week, do not have time to spend with them at home, did not attend college, and do not know how to navigate the American education system. Language barriers and racial issues often affect their confidence in school socially and academically. Statistically, Asian children are the most bullied ethic group around the country and in New York City one in three will not graduate high school on-time or at all. With limited exposure outside their neighborhood, these children have difficulty imagining what is possible for their future.

Founded in 1992, Apex for Youth delivers possibilities to underserved Asian and immigrant youth by recruiting volunteers to be positive role models for them. Through its mentoring and educational programs for students from 1st to 12th grade, Apex volunteers guide and inspire youth to become confident young adults who are ready for college and give back to the community. Today Apex serves over 700 children weekly with nearly 8,000 hours of volunteer service a year.

About the organization

Apex for Youth

Jiyoon Chung
Director, Mentoring Programs
212-385-3574 ext: 105
Tra Nguyen
Volunteer Coordinator
212-385-3574 ext: 106
Michael Lee
Executive Director
Belinda Lin
Program Coordinator
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