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A Free Bird™ is a start-up non-profit organization dedicated to fighting childhood cancer through art and music therapy. We provide children aged 4-18, who are diagnosed with cancer, the chance to pursue their passion for the arts.

We believe that the strength and healing powers of the arts are the best therapy! A Free Bird™ supports children diagnosed with cancer in their exploration of art, music, acting, poetry, creative writing, graphic design, singing, and any other artistic passions that they may have.

A Free Bird™ addresses the needs of both children currently fighting cancer and of recovering children through two main programs, FIGHT FREE and FREE.

The FIGHT FREE program helps children who are currently undergoing cancer treatments to pursue their artistic exploration. A Free Bird™ matches these children with experienced artistic tutors. The children and tutors work one-on-on on a mutual artistic interest in a 12-week program of weekly sessions. During this time, the children will develop their skills and passion in the chosen discipline while working toward a final artistic product! These final pieces are all showcased at A Free Bird’s magnificent bi-annual exhibitions.

The FREE program was designed for children who have already won in the battle against cancer, and are returning to leading normal and healthy lives. This program addresses the needs of children whose artistic development has been stymied by their illness, or who desire to use an artistic medium as an outlet to cope with what they have endured. 

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