Description & History

The mission of the Human Impacts Institute is to foster sustainable human impacts on ecosystems through inspired engagement, leadership, collaboration, knowledge-building and creative expression.  We promote healthy community development by connecting communities through a shared awareness of, and accountability for, the natural environment. 

Using NYC as a laboratory, the Human Impacts Institute connects global communities in resource sharing and environmental awareness. Our program participants commit to conscious environmental decision-making, take responsibility for their environmental impacts and are dedicated to long-term solutions through:

Experiential Education--participants practice leadership through hands-on problem solving and community service;

Collaborative Partnerships--organizations unite through resource sharing, joint advocacy, and idea development;

Participatory Research--students and research institutions provide free research services to the Hii community; and

Creative Expression--individuals use culture and art to inspire others to engage in environmental issues and solutions.

About the organization

The Human Impacts Institute

Tara DePorte
Executive Director
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Lena Desmond
Programs Coordinator
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