Description & History

The mission of AWGG is to “unite the African woman all over the world by empowering them to be decision-makers to achieve economic, social and gender justice, a healthy peaceful world and human rights for all.”

AWGG looks to offer linguistically and culturally based programming in the form of seminars/workshops and mental health referrals and resources that will empower African working women and mothers in low-income marginalized communities that lack access to resources and educational tools in order to reroute women into a better life for themselves and their families.

 Our objectives are:
● Provide a platform for women and friends of African descents across all levels of
societies to exchange, share and harmonize strategies for women's leadership and build
coalitions that promote rights and development.
● Strengthen women's capacities to sustain their engagement in achieving social,
economic and cultural development, including good governance
● Undertake and encourage advocacy for education and social engagement and
integration of people of African descent in communities through the development of a
spirit of mutual support among members and the coverage of available skills
● Support our network participants and partners and contribute to social development of
their town and villages through cultural, artistic, educational, infrastructural activities
as well as environment protection.

About the organization

African Women for Good Governance (AWGG)

Tuelo Minah
Sire Conde
Executive Director
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