Description & History

7Train Murals a non-profit organization dedicated to revitalizing vacant and vandalized public spaces in neighborhoods along the 7Train in Queens.

Here's what we do:

- We are dedicated to serving ONLY neighborhoods along the 7Train from LIC all the way to Flushing.  Go Queens!

-In efforts with local Councilmen, Business Improvement Districts, landlords, and tenants we design professional SITE-SPECIFIC murals that beautify the community.

 -Our murals are then painted 100% by VOLUNTEERS WHO LIVE OR WORK in the mural's vicinity.  We guide and  instruct all volunteers on-site on how to paint, even those with little or no background in painting, so anyone with an interest in civic pride can make a visual contribution.

-We use only brushes and rollers, NOT AEROSOL SPRAY PAINT CANS harmful to our health and environment. 

-We MAINTAIN our finished murals and its surroundings. 

We believe these 5 critical elements separate 7Train Murals from all other mural programs in NYC!    Roll up your sleeves and join us!

About the organization

7Train Murals

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