Description & History

The Nest Music Conservatory's purpose is to motivate the youth to explore their talents, create new ones, and expand their minds beyond social expectations. Our ultimate goal is to cultivate perfroming arts within the community and to provide a sancutary for its preservation.

The Nest Music Conservatory is a Non profit organization that provides music education to an area where funding for the arts in public schools is severely lacking. Those eligible for our Restore Program gain access to private lessons and youth ensembles, thus providing after-school music education to those who need it. We also prove a Low-Cost Membership for those who wish to use our facilities outside of our charitable programs. 

We feel that an emphasis on the arts drives a strong sense of community and a profound respect for those in it. We hope to encourage the youth through a postive musical experience, and to engage the community through common interests. Feel free to check out all the programs we offer here.

About the organization

The Nest Music Conservatory

Lucy Alvarez
Director of Human Resources
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