Description & History

The Department of Education's New York City Mentoring Program (NYCMP) was founded as a small project in 1983 and now serves more than 1000 participants in approximately 30 high school partnership programs across the five boroughs each year. The NYCMP model is a structured school-initiated approach to the traditional mentoring relationship between adults and young people. High school students are matched with adult mentor volunteers from their school's partnering company or organization. Typically, mentor volunteers within our partner organizations provide one-on-one after-school mentoring to students in grades 10-12. 

The NYCMP works with businesses, organizations, associations, and government agencies to develop successful mentoring partnerships with public high schools throughout New York City. Coordinated by the Department of Education's Office of Safety and Youth Development, the NYCMP’s framework for mentoring relationships is designed to broaden the horizons of high school students and to help them navigate diverse educational, social, and professional situations.

Mentors serve as role models and friends the students can look to for guidance. They offer career exploration, facilitate conversations about goal-setting, provide advice on schoolwork and the college admissions process, and lead activities that tap into the city’s vast cultural resources.

Our mentors are caring and concerned adults from a variety of backgrounds and professions who meet the Department of Education's application, training, and screening requirements. They commit to mentoring for at least one school year, meeting with their mentees a minimum of four hours per month.

The New York City Mentoring Program supports these individualized partnerships by providing training and technical assistance, administrative support, mentoring resources, and guidance to student mentees and their mentors, as well as school and mentor coordinators.

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The Department of Education's New York City Mentoring Program

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