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AHRC is committed to promoting a culture that embraces:  PRIDE: Passion, respect, Integrity, Diversity and Excellence. 

Most volunteer assignments are "hands-on" and will be tailored to your expertise and interests.  You will work directly with people we support and we will provide the necessary training and supervision  that will make your experience meaningful and rewarding.  Our volunteer projects take place in all five boroughs.
o EMPLOYMENT MENTORING: Spend two hours helping people supported by AHRC with resume and cover letter writing, e-mail correspondence, managing on-line applications and follow up with potential employers after an interview.
o I-PREP (Interview, Practice and Review for Emerging Professionals): Work one-on-one to help people supported by AHRC gain confidence and sharpen their employment interview skills.  Each hour and a half session provides them with two 30 minute mock interviews and feedback, and training for the volunteers.
o ​MONEY MAKES SENSE: Teach financial literacy skills to people supported by AHRC who need to understand how to save money. During a two hour workshop, volunteers work one-on-one with them to help improve their budgeting skills, understand credit, and increase their savings.
o ​CREATIVE CONNECTIONS: Volunteers are part of an arts related workshop and are paired with adults supported by AHRC to create all types of art projects.  These workshops allow people to express themselves creatively-helping them to realize new strengths and develop a greater sense of dignity and independence.
o ​GARDENING RENOVATION AND UPKEEP: Help beautify AHRC residences and schools. Volunteer groups spend a few hours to a full day helping to clean and plant gardens, paint murals, or assist with special renovation projects.
o ​SUPPLY DRIVES: Host a supply drive to help the people we support. Our current needs include garden supplies, art supplies, and acrylic yarn, and personal care products.

RECREATION PROGRAMS: Work as part of a group with people supported by AHRC who attend our SUPER SATURDAY Recreation Programs. Volunteers can help people by assisting with different sports activities, yoga, fitness, cooking, arts, drama, photography, creative writing, and any special area of interest you may wish to share with others. You can volunteer for a full or half day.
o *ONE-FOR-ONE: Volunteers from the community are matched with people supported by AHRC, based on common interests, to provide support, friendship, and positive examples of community engagement. Both people are expected to commit to a partnership for at least one year, ideally growing into a longer relationship. Volunteers and those supported spend leisure time together doing the things they love most.
*Volunteers interested in ONE-for-ONE contact Stefanie Nelson (212) 895-3426,                               

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