Description & History

Established in 1996, Unity Fellowship Breaking Ground (Breaking Ground NYC) was created to help LGBTQI youth transition into adulthood in an accepting and affirming community. Over the years, we have provided education and support services to all young adults and their families with special attention focused on the needs of LGBTQI+ young adults in New York City.

Our mission is to invest in the social, educational and physical well-being of all New York City young adults in an inclusive environment through economic empowerment for a self-sustaining holistic transition into adulthood. 

In order to effectively break the cycle of poverty for under-resourced populations, we provide programs that acknowledge the entirety of NYC young adults’ experiences rather than offering impersonal resources for selected parts of their identities on their road to self-sustainability.

Transitioning into Adulthood

                        THROUGH 5 CORE PROGRAMS

College Readiness and Access Program

When equipped with a solid quality education, young adults can secure high-paying, stable careers with benefits and advancement potential. The College Readiness and Access Program provide selected participants with the tools necessary to be accepted and successfully matriculated into a post-secondary learning environment.

Career Development Program

This program provides participants with career development tools and resources that are tailored to fit their personal and professional development needs. The program includes modules on setting goals, resume writing, job search and interview techniques, professionalism in the workplace and financial management. Selected participants will also receive guidance on how to map a career plan that enables them to envision and fulfill their career goals.

Entrepreneurship Program

This program is designed to provide entrepreneurs with the necessary skills and knowledge to create a business plan. Using concepts such as market research, pricing, advertising, supply, demand and competition, participants will write, review, critique, present and further develop their business planning, writing, and communications abilities.

Health/HIV Prevention Wellness Program

This program works to reduce the incidence of HIV amongst young-adults and to help those living with HIV improve their quality of life. Confidential HIV education, screening, testing and counseling is offered on a drop-in or appointment basis.

Self -Sustainable Micro Lending Program

We believe that when empowered with education, training and financial assistance young adults become knowledgeable citizens able to make impactful contributions to society. The Self-Sustainable Micro Lending Program is designed to provide financial capital for young adults ages 18-30, who have successfully completed the Entrepreneurship Training Program and have started the process of creating their own businesses. Micro loans ranging from $500-$1000 are provided and must be repaid within one year.

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