Description & History

ACID exercises strategies to find solutions and means of transformative change for the improvement of human welfare. In addition, it ensures a healthy and sustainable management, without prejudice to the environment and society and meets the basic needs of the target groups by reducing inequalities between individuals and respecting their cultures.

It expressly agrees on more efficient development pathways for humanitarian aid. 

ACID’s mission is to promote and support the intellectual development in disadvantaged populations and their initiatives for international solidarity. It works against poverty and builds a society based on the principles of justice, inclusion, equality and respect for human rights. 

ACID fights against poverty, insecurity and marginalization.

About the organization

Agency of International Cooperation for Development, Inc.

Jean Louis Anestal
Managing Director
+1 888 506 3417 ext: 101
Dorvensky Labady
+1 888 506 3417 ext: 102
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