Description & History

Arts in Action offers incentives in the NY metro art community to further growth, visibility, network and financial independence. The organization is based in Brooklyn since fall 2014.

Programs held curated art exhibits, instruction, performance art. A continuous recurring program with interaction between a general public and artists from 2009 through 2014 as a venue offered many artists and designers a platform for visibility, network and business. Creative Grove artist & designer market ended in September 2014.

With a focus on contemporary, innovative and meaningful work the venues vary according to context and intent.

The organization aims to work towards ownership of buildings and real estate in the NY metro area to create permanent spaces. The cultural importance of art, artistic creativity and high levels of craftmanship play an important role in any society and need every level of endorsement as support.

About the organization

Arts in Action Corporation

uta brauser
executive director
646 573 7164
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