Description & History

Since 1998, as a not for profit, The Puppetry Arts Theatre (TPAT) has brought family oriented activities and performances to the community of New York City. TPAT introduces students to professionals and volunteers holding strong backgrounds in the visual and performance arts, social services, and education, bringing everyone together to create and perform building upon youth development and enriching family activity. By partnering with community institutions and family events and establishing workshops and venues of our own, TPAT reaches targeted audiences, and continuously builds the organization?s structure, which expands outreach and offers a further commitment to arts and educational programs. With funding from private donors, grants, and partnered organizations, TPAT has been rewarded with enormous accomplishments increasing opportunities to enlighten, educate, and inspire parents and students through the visual and performance arts.

About the organization

The Puppetry Arts Theatre, Inc

Timmy Young
Ex. Director
(718) 768-3703